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EMBRACE - Embrace all Rochester and the surrounding communities have to offer. 

Rochester was founded in 1679 on the lands called "Sippican" by the local Wampanoags, along the coast of Buzzards Bay (Sippican was the name of the local tribe). It originally included the lands of Mattapoisett, Marion and parts of Wareham (which was lost when Wareham was founded in 1739).

The Village at Plumb Corner is located in the heart of the Historic district named after Joseph H. Plumb also known as Plumb Corner.  He wrote at least one novel, entitled TRADING WEST, which was published in Boston by B. Humphries in 1940. It is a sea adventure story. Mr. Plumb was an avid boater, yachtsman, reader, and car collector. He and Dorothy Plumb lived in several of the prominent homes in Rochester. 

Walking distance to town hall, library, church local restaurant and convenient store while surrounded by the beautiful Rounseville Preserve.

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